"I'm interested in this perfect gift idea, but I don't know if you'll do it."

Never fear! Not only can we do it, we WILL do it!

We have a very systemic approach to get the exact results you desire. We're here to see that your perfect idea becomes reality. From the moment you decide to turn your piece into a work of art, we will carefully interpret, and customize your piece to reach the greatest possible result. Our goal is to make your dream piece into reality. Through this time, each phase that is required to fine tune the design into your exact need, you are involved. Design is the largest part of developing every product, and every custom piece is carefully determined, so the end result is exactly what you want. This involves you every step of the way. Each step is necessary to achieve the perfect piece for your needs. Don't worry, we got your back, so don't hesitate to ask. No challenge in this world exists that we won't gladly take on. We welcome it, because we can.


"Sweet! So, AMD, what does it cost?"

Highest quality, and lowest rates are always our goal.

Considering every piece has it's challenges, it's close to impossible to throw down a static ballpark figure.  Think of it like that tattoo piece you're dying to get, every custom piece is different, but ours doesn't nearly cost as much. First, there's the absolute detail. We're going to need some steel. Some thick durable American made steel. So, there's an upfront price on the product we're definitely going to use. After all, without steel, there's no Artistic Metal Design. We can always start with that foundation.


This charge is due in the beginning, and will be applied to the price of your sign.

For further pricing, we require a one on one price consultation with the details. So, don't hesitate to contact us.

Call us: (904)964-2424

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9:00AM EST - 7:00PM EST

Here are some of the custom designs we have been commissioned to create.

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Florida Marlin

Steel 20 Pounder!Hand painted, bent to a realistic dimension, and sealed in our signature Heavy Meta..


Heavy Metal Rose

6" diameter x 13.5" tall and weighing in at 3 pounds, the Limited Edition Heavy Metal Rose..


Thin Blue Punisher

The Punisher has your 6!15" wide x 22" tall and weighing in at 11 pounds, the Limited Edition Thin B..


Thin Blue Transformation

The Thin Blue Trans is a depiction of a changing state.23" wide x 14" tall and weighing in at 13 pou..